UX review wireframes
UX review wireframes

UX review

Reviewing joining & first time deposit flows I identified, and considered solutions to, the following: information presentation & interaction techniques with input affordance; user flow/journey; copy clarity and continuity with positioning and messaging and link contrast.


Wireframe build and testing.
Interactive prototypes

Senior UX Architect

Online gambling company where I worked with designers, research and insights teams, product managers, marketing executives, developers, business analysts and solutions architects to move the mobile web/app product forward. I reviewed areas of the site and made recommendations, took part in design sprints, planned and delivered workshops and test scenarios and created wireframes of varying fidelity with which to conduct UX testing.

Various wireframes built in Axure (check out the UX script to guide yourself through them)
Stream  Inplay  Inplay2  UX script

Design & build for CL Bookkeeping
Art-direction, logo design & asset sourcing.

Design & build

Design and build of CL Bookkeeping to promote the services of an accountancy outfit. I designed layout, content & logo and selected photos and icons to communicate the process into simple to understand steps after which I built and tested the site.

IA, UX & UI design
IA, UX and UI design

Morrisons recruitment site

Recruitment website concept for an agency as a pitch for redesign coinciding with a rebranding launch. Navigation rewritten to match stat usage and content rethought to lead visitors through the hiring process.

Search functionality placed at the page top promoting core functionality. Following content serves as a secondary reiteration of and entry point to primary navigation areas delivering corporate ethos and answering site visitors FAQ.

Requirement gathering, wireframes and production
rentalcars - brought into the 21st Century

Strategy, UX & UI for mobile

Rentalcars mobile site, when I joined, was perceived as the poor cousin of desktop. I informed and educated the company on RWD and got the same information used to sell on desktop onto mobile which started their mobile site down the road to profitability.

I also worked with the app teams on both android and iOS introducing modular design with consistent layout and typography baselines while advising on interactivity.

Designing for children

Cbeebies design

Looking at site IA allowing site editors ease of promotional changes whilst keeping the number of user interactions to a minimum and quickly, in the screen shown above, engage with content and games.

VR boring? no more

Hidden ltd design

Creating original illustrations to communicate the services and skills of the company that lead to case studies. I rewrote content to flow from introduction to examples and recommended mobile first RWD adoption.

Making engineering even sexier

EWF design

An Energy firm developing wind turbines to be located in urban areas had a lacklustre site so I took technical drawings and combined with a cityscape silhouette while redesigning content to simply communicate company aims.

Optimisation of resources and consideration of front-end development to ensure quick download times.

Various logo marks
Enemy of the People T-shirt

Vectors FTW

Various logo marks and a T-shirt "Enemy of the People".

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